Rage Across Baltimore

Intro Story: Desperate Times

The pack-to-be's Rite of Passage

The Garou Nation is beset with crises: don’t think for a minute that Baltimore represents the only last stand for desperate skin-changers on the verge of losing territory. The situation in Baltimore is just one of many. But while wandering packs of combat-tested heroes might be tasked with saving other Garou protectorates, the best that could be done for Baltimore is a mixed pack of urrah, Metis and other cast-offs. And yet, even these few cubs are precious to the Garou; every Gaian werewolf lost in battle is nearly irreplaceable, especially in these last days before the prophesied Apocalypse.

In our introduction to Rage Across Baltimore, the PCs gather at their new sept to take on a serious problem — a power drain of lost Gnosis from the caern — and to do so under the shadows and watchful eyes of the sept’s enemies.



New chronicle start: success! Razvan, Willow and Zero have answered the urgent call to bolster the ranks of citified Garou in Baltimore, and are looking to form a new pack. First, however, comes their Rite of Passage, and this one looks to be an unusual mystery.

Caern-thieving mages of some sort have struck at the last Gaian sept, stealing their caern’s Gnosis. The cubs have a few clues, leads, and burgers to work on. Will they be enough? Will the caern survive? Will any of them live long enough to legally purchase beer?? Find out, in the next turgid episode.

Intro Story: Desperate Times

Chapter 2 is in the can! The cubs have ventured out into the Baltimore streets, with storm-clouds mixing with coal-fire smoke on a hot, late summer evening. While they have found their contact, a young Bone Gnawer called Brickbat, they also acquired a tail — a bold, smarmy Black Spiral Dancer who goes by Tanner. Perhaps it was at this point that everyone realized that no one had picked up the Sense Wyrm Gift. :D

Meeting with a Black Spiral, however unwillingly, did teach them the power of the Spirals in the city, and the potential perils of testing the Veil in the city. Being forced to chat with the enemy tested Razvan’s Rage, and Zero found the sept unwilling to send out the troops to back them up. Instead, their orders were to run! In the end, Tanner left them alone, and left Razvan’s desire for bloodshed sadly unsatisfied. It also left Brickbat looking like their pal, which may put him in an uncomfortable position as well.

But their contact, Brickbat, has led them to an abandoned row house in a run-down neighborhood a ways off from the caern. Will they find their invisible goth wizards there? Can the Garou get the drop on them from the Umbra, or will their weak connections to the spirit world betray them? And if they do catch the wizards, what will the cubs do with them? We’ll find out next time.

Intro Story: Desperate Times

Chapter 3 update: After a Penumbral recon of the apparent wizards’ hidey-hole, Willow led the Garou back through the Gauntlet, lightning-quick, in spite of how thick it was in the inner city. Not an easy job for any Theurge, much less a cub. Surprisingly, the werewolves used their surprise attack to trap and hold the goths rather than slaughter them. The Garou used brute force, threats, and the power of Razvan’s Persuasion to talk the goths down from an actual fight, and so a little conversation ensued.

It was around this time that the cubs figured out that if they wanted the caern’s stolen energy back, they lacked the means to carry it!

In spite of this minor setback, however, the cubs learned of a girl of questionable motives and abilities, called Sophia, who clued the goth-mages in to the potential score of magic juice from the Fianna caern. If they can do something about this apparent threat to the sept, they may well succeed at that part of their mission, and could well gain the goth trio as allies of a sort. Armed with a name, a description, and a location (Club Orpheus, downtown), the time has come for the urrah to go…


Intro Story: Desperate Times

Chapter 4 update: I’m going to call this one half finished, because of the situation when the hour got late — Razvan, Willow and Zero managed to get out of Club Orpheus after picking a fight with Sophia, but Brickbat and Willow’s Kin ally Seth are missing in action for the time being.

As Brickbat was too young to get into the club, he went off on his own to find the Hummer limousine that Sophia supposedly uses to get around, while the others went inside to look for her. The pack found out soon enough that Sophia was no mere human.

But no one could have expected that Willow would start an unprovoked attack, in an attempt to get them all kicked out of the club. For her troubles Willow was stabbed in the foot, and they’re not even sure what Sophia used, but it was certainly not just a knife. By the time the little brawl was over, the club bouncers chose to side with Sophia over the three Garou that jumped her, and did not kick her out with them so that they could beat her up some more.

The fight, however, was clearly not over. Not long after their unceremonious exit, perhaps feeling lucky to have not been arrested, the noise of crashing and gunfire and a roaring car engine from above them heralded the presence of doom, as the Flying Van of Assamites made its long-dreaded debut!

Several gunshot wounds later, Willow is still wounded, with her Gnosis reserves for healing depleted, and Brickbat has still not been found. As the pack-to-be seeks to flee the chaotic neighborhood, it seems the hunters have become the hunted.

Intro Story: Desperate Times

Chapter 4 finished: This one deserved extra time, well, because fighting in the World of Darkness requires a lot of time and dice rolling.

In spite of some pointed wolf-howls and even the noise of brawling in the vicinity, the hapless trio followed Zero’s lead, and were mere seconds away from an unceremonious retreat via taxicab when their Bone Gnawer companion found them. Also finding them: one of the two Scrags that Brickbat couldn’t kill on his own. Although Willow’s Kinfolk boyfriend was in the clear, the pack-to-be was still being hunted.

With much girding of loins and sucking up of whatever it is, Razvan and Zero went after the remaining Scrag, who was busily following them along rooftops and alerting Sophia to their location. And sure enough, the Hummer limo pulled up…just in time for Brickbat to chuck a rock at it. This enraged a crab-humanoid monster to climb out and chase down the Gnawer taunting it.

As for Sophia, she was seen to observe the pack in full Crinos, tearing apart the Scrag and baiting the crab-man, and then the Hummer drove off, leaving the Bane and the fomor to their fate. Whatever they didn’t know about her, it may have been news to her as well that an actual pack of Garou had come calling for her.

So, in spite of Zero’s urges for discretion and the apparent meat grinder into which they’d been dropped, the four Garou stopped running and killed some Wyrm-things dead. Questions of course remain…what were the Scrags exactly, why did they revert into normal (if dead and mauled) human corpses, and do they seek out their own deaths? And just what is Sophia, that she was able to nearly crush Zero’s hand and seriously damage Willow? Was the Flying Van her doing? Is this a typical day in the life for the Garou of Baltimore?

Stay tuned for our next session, early next year, to wrap things up. We’ll see if this motley crew of urrah forms a new pack, and if they can help to save the power-drained caern.

Intro Story: Desperate Times

Epic intro-conclusion! — After resisting the urge to devour their craboid monster enemy with some melted butter, the pack-to-be compared notes, and finally went back to home base at the Brewery, convincing their sometime Bone Gnawer ally to come with them for some medical attention. After reporting in to the sept elders and getting patched up, Razvan, Willow and Zero learned of Brickbat’s Galliard talents, and the four of them decided to stick together.

A few hours later, after the bar’s closing time, the Fianna elders held a Moot Rite, to recharge the caern after its Gnosis was stolen, and to hear a proper tale-telling of their new pack’s adventures. As their first Moot at the sept, the pack-to-be got to see how the Fianna hold the rites, serve up the beer, and raise some hell in the Revel…not to mention how their young Gnawer poet can tell a tale worthy of Renown.

After all this, the new pack’s next task will be to make a name for themselves, and find a totem for their pack to serve. But that will be another story.

Intro Story: Desperate Times

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