Rage Across Baltimore

Fourth Confluence: Downtime!

And now, time actually does pass!

Last Call went into the Umbra on their Legendary quest in late January…and while it felt like about a full month or more had passed during their epic journey, upon their return only a few hours have passed. Some of the Hidden Spring Garou may still be sleeping off their exhaustion following Razvan’s Moot-ending Revel!

Consequently, some time must pass before the pack has an opportunity to boast of their accomplishments at the next Moot. And since the last couple of stories ran almost back-to-back in-game, some downtime seems appropriate.

Think about what suitable off-stage activities each of the characters will work on for perhaps six months, picking it back up in July (in game), or maybe later if Dave wants to start the next story later in the in-game year. Razvan has his growing infant son to consider, if he cares that much, considering the boy is Kinfolk. And Scully may have some fence-mending of his own to pursue with Molly Flanagan.

As for Renown awards, since no actual threats to the real world were tackled, Renown should be minimal. Expect a little Honor and some Wisdom for the successful spirit quest; there may be extra for some, for building a new fetish. Think about what Renown-worthy deeds you think the pack may have accomplished, make your case for more if you like! See here for the by the book sample awards that we use.



Razvan’s downtime: As expected, Biter has set aside some time to spend with his ‘family’, which is different from his family (i.e. Dragomir). It is not clear how well those two families know each other, if they do at all. He also wished to visit his Red Talon friends up north — maybe we need three months…

Raz has cultivated his spiritual side and his Rage in the interim (not at the same time most likely), practiced dutifully with his sword, and picked up new Gift, one he found most effectively used — upon himself — in the Legendary Realm.

Aside from his family and visiting his Red Talon friends, Razvan also wanted to get back to his work at his inner-city clinic, so his needs have likely extended the downtime a bit — there’s a lot to pack in there.

Fourth Confluence: Downtime!

Zero’s downtime: He too has spent time meditating on spirit matters, and likely incurred some debts to spirits willing to teach him some new, potent Glass Walker Gifts. He’s also been toughened up some by the pack’s trip through the Legendary Realm, a bit more comfortable in his fur and in the wilderness than he used to be.

Zero has spent the pack’s spare time in research, both on ideas for Gifts, and also to pursue the bloody edge of advanced biotechnology. He’s been having second thoughts about the whole cybernetics thing, and maybe there’s a slightly more holistic method for achieving his goals.

Since the rest of the pack is pretty busy for a while, Zero may be filling his extra time with his blogging work, or finding some other trouble to get into…

Fourth Confluence: Downtime!

Willow’s downtime: Willow has emerged from the Legendary Realm with greater confidence in her survival skills, in her quarterstaff, and overall seems faster on her feet — compensating perhaps for her nagging feelings of hopelessness and apathy.

The rest of the pack may also notice Willow’s increasingly attuned to the Umbra, picking up on spirit activity without even having to set foot across the Gauntlet. With the pack’s inherent curiosity and wariness, Willow’s heightened awareness of spirit matters can do nothing but help.

Her keen sense of the spiritual also helped Willow resolve the minor mystery of the Hidden Spring — that is, the water source, which the old sept was named for, and where it had gone. Through investigation and spirit ties, Willow found the remnants of the dammed, befouled spring, then restored and cleansed it to the local spirits’ satisfaction. She was rewarded with the sept post of Keeper of the Land, a minor role often left unfilled by many septs, but still a position of some respect and honor.

Willow has been back to her old home sept, the Exiles’ Rest, in search of answers about her ancestry. The Legendary Realm revealed some unexpected things about her parentage; what did the CoG sept know, and are there things they did not tell her?

In her spare time, Willow and Seth have invited a Kinfolk couple with a son up to Baltimore to live in the row house with them, helping with the community gardening project. Seth has his crafting/salvage work, and the Bone Gnawers and Ratkin that occasionally visit are rather hit-or-miss as far as helping out.

Fourth Confluence: Downtime!

Scully’s downtime: Eventually, word gets back to the Hidden Spring about Scully spending some of his time around the Brewery. Although the pack (and Razvan in particular) isn’t very welcome there, Scully had business with the Fianna Kinfolk he’d been talking to, Molly Flanagan. After giving her the cold shoulder at the last Moot, he had some fence-mending to do. As the pack well knows, though, if there’s one thing Scully is good at, it’s the Rite of Contrition.

It may seem strange, him shacking up with Amargein’s widow, much less with three Kin boys of her own to raise. But it’s not as if he can put horns on old, dead Amargein; just as well perhaps that he helps their Kin. So, the Fianna at the Brewery shrug, and go on about their business.

Not that Scully seems overly concerned with their opinions of him. No, his self-confidence — and his temper — remain after the Legendary Realm; perhaps more of the former than the latter, but the anger isn’t gone just yet.

“Seven-Songs” becomes a brand name on Etsy (Molly’s idea, probably), selling handmade, primitive craftwork, stone tools and wood and bone carving. It’s a niche market, but Scully’s skills are earning him a different kind of renown. And, perhaps, a few bucks for the Flanagans.

Fourth Confluence: Downtime!

Other idle hands: The pack may also notice growth and change among their sept-mates at the well-attended Moots held at the Hidden Spring. The caern regularly hosts visitors to the city and to your new home sept in particular, visitors eager to see the reclaimed caern and to help it grow.

Mila and her pack earned great Renown for their instrumental work, and grand elder Mila herself was recognized as a true Elder by rank, the highest-ranking Garou in the metro area. It’s said that her packmates are not far behind, and others at the new sept are challenging for new Renown and Rank as well.

Even some of the sept’s visitors come looking for stories to swap and renown to claim. It’s gotten busy enough at times during the Moots that Scully volunteered to learn the Rite of Accomplishment, the better to split up the duty. Although, some upstart Cliath might resent earning their just rewards from a Metis.

The Sept of Abundant Grain has likewise benefited from the glory reaped at the expense of the Black Spirals. Grand elder Vaughan, it’s said, may soon challenge for the Elder’s rank himself. And Tracker-by-Moonlight, the Brewery’s inimitable Warder, earned the rank of Athro for his efforts in retaking the lost caern.

The Battle Scars he endured in the process, however, have slowed Tracker down, and before long he may find his replacement and retire (perhaps via the Rite of the Winter Wolf). With Brenna Deathsong and her Grog Monsters already beginning to challenge for Athro themselves, Tracker will almost certainly choose one of them for Warder.

Moira Leaps-into-Shadow is one exception, though; she doesn’t share the joy and ambition of her sept-mates. Crippled and duty-bound, Moira had little part in the glorious victory. Now, the Ritemaster helps preside over a caern with a striking imbalance among the auspices. The Brewery may be stuck with grooming the Bone Gnawers, Stamper and Lil Loco, to perform sept duties currently managed by an excess of Ahroun and Ragabash.

Fourth Confluence: Downtime!

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