Rage Across Baltimore

The Road of Trials: Downtime!

...of indeterminate length

After the mind-shattering events of Hush, it’s not clear what the characters will do next. Rites of Cleansing, hot showers until your skin is raw, or bleeding…but who to talk to about what happened? What details will they give out, and what do they keep to themselves?

It’s not just every day one journeys to Malfeas, and however unwittingly, it appears most of the pack has danced the first steps of the Spiral (some more than once).

You may have noted that I did not hand out Renown awards at the end of the story; this is because the pack, I think, needs to decide what they will admit to doing — and what they will not. There are rewards to be earned from defeating Dream Banes, protecting helpless humans, and protecting the Veil. Completing a spirit quest, though…how far do they dare to go with their exploits here? Suffering a frenzy? Could the adventure’s end be seen by their peers as conscious cowardice?

Garou are of course encouraged to tell tales of their adventures at Moots, to have their deeds acknowledged and Renown and Rank gained as a result, but the pack may need to think carefully about what tale is spun. Then again, perhaps lying will come back to haunt them later.

As for actual downtime, that’s partly up to the characters…some calls to adventure may be undeniable. But let’s see what kind of time the pack wants for rest, recovery, research projects and the like.




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