Alpha Mike Foxtrot

Mercenary Glass Walker pack



Natalie “Fucking Magic” Davis: homid Philodox, pack alpha. “FM” is the glue that binds the pack’s Garou and Kinfolk together, literally and figuratively; Dies Ultimae is known to employ a novel Rite of Bonding, allowing the pack’s Garou to share the blessings of their totem and pack tactics with their Kinfolk allies.

Christian “Killfile” Velasquez: homid Ragabash. An ex-Marine with sufficient self-control to make it well past basic training after his First Change, Chris is a surprisingly formidable warrior for a Ragabash.

Kinfolk “Soldiers”: the pack has taken in a half-dozen Kinfolk from a variety of mundane backgrounds — military, law enforcement, paramedics — anything useful to the dogs of war. Like their Garou packmates, they’ve taken nicknames/call signs suiting their martial pack.

Jesus Lopez (Crunchie), Juliana Stevens (J-Dub or “Jane Wayne”), Kevin Dixon (Frosty), Emily Woodruff (Doc)


Alpha Mike Foxtrot is a large pack, unusual amongst the Garou for incorporating Kinfolk directly into the pack. These Soldiers of the Dies Ultimae camp specialize in kinds of warfare that could be considered terrorism — assassination, property damage, urban combat. By now, their Garou have made it past their time as Cliath and took up most of the responsibility for the Brewery’s security.

While their arrival was a sore point for our pack, since Fade to Black had promised tribal justice on him, things didn’t turn out quite so lethal for our pack’s Cyber Dog. The new pack of Soldiers was in fact there to investigate Zero, among other things, but ultimately found nothing worth killing him over — although Zero and Natalie did scuffle some. They’ve achieved some kind of understanding, which probably won’t extend to the rest of his tribe, but hope springs eternal, right?

Alpha Mike Foxtrot

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