Antonine Teardrop

Rank 5 Homid Philodox Stargazer


Antonine makes a rustic, middle-aged lumberjack in Homid form, with tanned, leathery skin and brown hair flecked with blond and grey. His lupus form is golden-furred, with a white-gold underbelly, not particularly short-furred or shaggy either.

He tends to remain serene in all circumstances, and also vaguely amused, as if chuckling to himself at a joke no one else seems to get.


Antonine (an odd old name, perhaps old Latin that became Anthony or Antoinette) is a baffling old remnant of a small and dwindling tribe, the Stargazers. Some years back, most of the tribe left the Garou Nation to return to their embattled tribal territory in the far east. Very few remain in lands familiar to the now-Twelve Tribes, and usually for their own reasons. In the case of Antonine, that reason is not entirely clear.

He’s known primarily for his age and Rank, the result of great Honor gained over the years; for his private observatory in the Catskills, where he consults with Garou and Kinfolk interested in the stars; and for his quixotic calls for all Garou to heal their own wounds, forgive the grievances between the tribes, and come to the aid of humans and their society. This notion of tribal healing is a bit much even for most Children of Gaia, many of whom seek more practical unity over the deeper hurts that have caused division and inter-tribal rivalries.

Antonine is a skilled fighter with even sharper wits, a penetrating intellect for the most paradoxical of enigmas, and knowledge of a variety of Gifts and Rites. He even possesses a Klaive, although the runes that mark it may perplex most of his visitors.

Antonine Teardrop

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