Bone Gnawer Stomping Grounds

The wandering, temporary, collective home of Rat's children


Not every nest of urrah making their home in the urban environment gets to call a Caern their home. City caerns are rare, and while Baltimore sports more than one, neither of them has ever been in the filthy hands of Bone Gnawers. The city grew up around the Sept of Abundant Grain, or so the stories go, while the Glass Walkers built their caern themselves at the top of a skyscraper.

Without a safe haven blessed by Gaia, the Gnawers shack up wherever they can. And if a dozen werewolves hunted the same city park every night, it wouldn’t be long before the human authorities took interest. Even with the Delirium to hide and protect the Garou, the Bone Gnawers survive by staying on the move, gathering in different places from month to month. One full moon, they may revel under a freeway overpass; the next, they might bring food to share with people in a local homeless shelter. The tribe takes advantage of places the locals would just as soon ignore. They live up to the name stomping grounds from the distinctive dances and drumming these Garou use in their revels.

Sometimes, the stomping grounds are open to humans as well, building valuable friendships and contacts with others on the street. As the Gnawers will tell you, Gaia blessed the Changing Breeds so that they could watch over humanity…and Renown among them may be awarded to those who show kindness and generosity to strangers.


The wandering home of the city’s Bone Gnawers nurtured Brickbat for a time, after his First Change. He might well still be with them, if not for a chance meeting with the Black Spiral, Tanner, who may or may not have lumped him in with the new arrivals that would form the Last Call pack.

For some time, the Gnawers and assorted hangers-on (including what Kin they will admit to) were holed up underneath the Metro line, for a while in Leakin Park, and lately the Gnawers gather in the South West Area Park, where the Patapsco River meets the bay.

Many of the city’s Bone Gnawers, however, are spending more time in the septs, now that there are two…although it may fall to the other tribes to help provide for the Gnawers and their poverty-stricken Kin.

The dozen surviving Gnawers (they lost one of their number, Pit Bull, winning Groundhog’s Caern back) have split into packs, some finding a home in the Brewery, some at the new sept, and some remaining on the streets, minding their own tribe’s concerns and their Kinfolk.

Fireball: The youngest of the lot, the homid Philodox who goes by Pothole has convinced the other Cliath, Stamper, Lil Loco and Scooterfangs, to rally around an unusual totem: a broken-down El Camino, currently up on blocks in a shady spot in back of the Brewery’s parking lot. Although they have taken up with the Sept of Abundant Grain, they don’t go there to drink — they’re too young! Although, they were named after their favorite brand of cheap, but good liquor. The kids joke about the ‘General Lee’ and promise they’ll get that rusty El Camino with the flames on the side running…soon.

Charming Backstabbers: It was only natural that Dumpster-Diver, the lone Lupus of the lot, would end up at the new Sept of the Hidden Spring. With her, she brought Three Fingers, Ragtime, and Pigsticker, with the Philodox Big G nominally in charge. Taking a traditional war totem of the tribe, Rat, this pack of Fostern has been seasoned by the Hive raid and by holding the ground against the Bane assaults that followed, but they’re not solely caern-guards; our own pack should know better than to punish one pack like that.

Infinite Hope: Finally, the eldest and cleverest Gnawers — Sixteen Tons, Runs-for-Cover, and Listo — seem to have formed their own small pack, although they don’t speak much of it or its purpose. These three have chosen to not make a home at either sept, instead maintaining the Stomping Grounds and their ties to the streets and their Kinfolk. The other Gnawers murmur among themselves that their elders have chosen a different path, a camp called “The Hood”, and revere “The People” for a totem.

Bone Gnawer Stomping Grounds

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