Brenna Deathsong

Grog Monsters alpha, Rank 4 Homid Ahroun Fianna


Member of the Grog Monsters, the most active pack from the Brewery.


Brenna is a tough firebrand of an Ahroun, more interested in drinking and brawling than the typical Fianna tale-spinning. At least they have the beer covered here. Unlike most of her packmates, Brenna welcomes any troubles that beset the caern. Having survived the Hive raid with herself and her pack intact, Brenna is a veteran Adren, ready and angling for the opportunity that will raise her to the next Rank, Athro — nipping at the heels of her mentor in combat, the Warder Tracker-by-Moonlight.

The younger Garou have ended up on the receiving end of some hand-to-hand ‘testing,’ including a brief challenge with Zero over the appropriate use of his mouth. Brenna’s antagonism for the urrah pack has split her own, with Fade on Brenna’s side, and Iron-Eyes and Mikhail more on the other. Perhaps some distance, and time, may allow their collective anger to subside — or, fester.

Brenna Deathsong

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