Fade to Black

Grog Monsters pack, Rank 4 Homid Ragabash Glass Walker


Member of the Grog Monsters, formerly the sept Guardian pack – now enjoying the freedom to wander and brawl!


Fade to Black, or just “Fade” to her friends, was a racing motorcycle enthusiast before she Firsted. Although the social and spiritual ties of tribe and pack and sept bind her to the Fianna caern, she still longs to suit up and go racing around the city, and often as not she does, when she can get away with it. Things turned out all right for Fade, it would seem; if she was hoping that Last Call would pick up the Guardian duty to let her go racing, well, that worked out.

Fade has also had to endure the downfall of her tribe in Baltimore, however, being the last surviving (Gaian) Glass Walker — that is, until these cubs came along. To go from part of a respected, powerful group of tech-savvy shapeshifters to the last disgraced survivor has not been pleasant. There’s a story, certainly, behind what Fade was up to and what allowed her to survive when so many of the tribe fell.

Fade to Black

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