Faerie Kin

Faerie Kin - allies of the Fianna


Quick, name three things everybody knows about the Fianna tribe. Okay. They drink, they party…Willow might tell you, they’re hard on their metis. Aside from that, the tribe’s known for their ancestral ties to the fae folk. Indeed, the name can be traced back to Irish fairy tales.

So, it should come as no surprise that when push comes to shove, and the sept is in dire straits, the Fianna-dominated sept should have a few favors to call in from the fae in the city. What fae in the city? Good question! The average non-Fianna Garou knows diddly or squat about them, the latter being more likely. They’re not easy to understand as enemies, like vampires or (most) mages. There is that spirit realm, something about Arcadia…is that the same thing? Who knows?

So, if you should run across some friends of the Fianna with that telltale faerie appearance, whatever that is, or some unusual talents…well, it’s one way to build your knowledge of the Occult.


The Charm City Freebooters:

Lady Miranda Moonwhisper – A tall, solidly built young lady, bit of a stunner, really, with cheekbones that could slit your throat, and from her expression she just might do it. If her ears were a little more pointed…then again, could be imagining things. The apparent leader of their pack (or whatever term the fae use), she carries a simple wooden bokken practice sword in a much more earnest fashion than one might expect. She has a penchant for calling Zero “Mister Nought,” although she’s not as overtly hostile towards the Glass Walker as her friend Chance is.

Chanceful Bogon, or just ‘Chance’ – A slim young lady (bordering on malnourished) with pale, almost white blond hair, a flinty, beady-eyed gaze and a perpetual pout. She has distinguished herself with a tongue as sharp as Miranda’s jaw, and a stream of critical consciousness to go with it.

Isaiah Taylor – Izzy is a sullen young man, African-American but with more of a sickly grey pallor than dark and a bright red bandanna sticking out of a pocket of his jeans, he has the look of a funhouse mirror image of Brickbat — a few steps further down the wrong side of the street, perhaps, but not too dissimilar. As befits his disposition, he seems curious about the darker sides of the Cliath pack.

Noah Randle – Did he star in those Home Alone movies? Or was he on that TV show your cousin used to watch…either way, he might look vaguely familiar, like someone who’s been on TV, or a face you may have spotted in passing on the cover of Star or OK! or (ugh) the National Enquirer. The somewhat predatory look to his eyes might be something of a put-off, though. Noah is either incapable of telling a simple truth, or he simply enjoys creative embellishment too much.

Other faerie ‘kithain’:

Julian – an otherwise forgettable face from the short-order cooks expertly slinging the brewpub fare the place is known for, the short fellow with a prominent nose (and Irish accent) fits in well with the wolfies. The cook has a somewhat unexplored talent for magical healing, and for…housework.


Mahir – A traveling companion to the motley crew, perhaps like some Galliard of their kind, he’s in it for the stories to be told afterwards. And if there’s not enough trouble to thrill the listener, well…let’s just make some more. Miranda has promised, and called for Mahir’s aid.

Faerie Kin

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