Fear of the Dark

A Shadow Lord pack on a mission


Along with the reckless bravado of Last Call, the sudden arrival of a small Shadow Lord pack in Baltimore tipped the balance against the siege of the Wyrm’s forces. Though they may give credit to Razvan the Biter, or Spine-Render to some, anyone who knows anything about the tribe knows that it can’t be sheer, blind luck, or even that fortuitous. There should be little doubt that there are strings attached to the apparent serendipity and charity of Thunder’s children.

Bohumila Vorona, aka Mila Walks-the-Knife’s-Edge, or Mila or “Walks” for short: Athro Homid Theurge (pack alpha, pictured)
Rajka “Last Laugh” Katranjiev, Adren Homid Ragabash
Boris Reznik, Arbiter of Storms or just “Arbiter”, Adren Homid Philodox


Fear of the Dark came through for the pack during their conflict with some of the city’s infestation of Leeches, scouting out a target for the pack’s ire: the so-called “Archbishop,” Churchill. Indeed, scouting and intelligence-gathering seemed to be their forte — perhaps a pack of Wisdom like our own, if not Cunning (that would suit the Shadow Lords).

It soon became clear that Mila’s attentions were drawn to the in-fighting between the two Black Spiral Hives and how best to exploit it. She encouraged patrols and ambushes that picked on the country Hive, and when Last Call found the mysterious Penumbral machine was attacking Shattered Glass, Mila’s plans came to fruition.

Under her and Vaughan’s leadership, a second raid on the Hive of Desolation brought it down completely. Mila herself sacrificed much to reclaim the caern for the Garou, bringing aid from all around the region, and further out — even a small pack of Uktena arrived to support her. With this triumph, Mila has since earned the rank of Elder.

Fear of the Dark

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