Felony, Griffin and Penance

Hollow Ones, mages, Social Terrorist Punks


Social terrorist punk cells are the Ascension Warriors of the Hollow Ones. They don’t stick to the subtle synchronicity of coincidental magic, and they prefer brawn and action to brains and mellow goth-itude. They tend to specialize in the ability to unleash brute destruction. They are more on the punk end of things than the gothic.

Felony looks young enough to be incapable of…most felonious crimes, but of the three Hollowers she’s the only one packing a gun. Not a typical looking weapon, mind you, but a hand-crafted and decorated revolver. It’s not that every will-worker hates technology so much as what’s been done with it in these modern nights.

She’s also the one among the sullen goth-mages who took Zero’s email address to keep in touch (well, one of his hopefully anonymous and untraceable accounts). In the aftermath of the mess at Club Orpheus, and the Flying Van, and the crab-fomor…it’s safe to say that’s one club that won’t be seeing much of these Hollowers for a good while.

Felony’s (packmates?) friends are Griffin:

Griffin is pushing 20, Awakened as a young teenager and retains that kind of drive and, unfortunately, naivete. To him, battling the status quo and the Technocracy makes him like a hacker in the Matrix. The methods may be different – the right mindset, outfit and attitude instead of coding skills – but the result is the same.

…and Penance:

Penance is the eldest of the three Hollow mages, which isn’t necessarily saying much. Live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful corpse, as they say. He’s got the first part down, playing fast and loose with supernatural factions he may not understand too well. Whether that results in an exquisite corpse is another story (unless he gets killed in the first one).

Felony, Griffin and Penance

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