Last Call's pack totem, a Woneyah Konhe or Dream Raven, of Chimera's brood


Rage – 4
Willpower – 4
Gnosis – 6

Charms: Airt Sense, Re-form, Shapechange, Materialize
Additional powers: Totem can speak to the pack without the benefit of the Gift: Spirit Speech; Totem is connected mystically to all pack members, allowing communication among them even at great distances. Totem can always find the pack members.

Traits: Grants the ability to the pack members to disguise themselves or something else when in the Umbra (Gnosis roll, difficulty 7).
Grants 3 dice to Enigmas and 1 to Perception; one pack member carries this power at a time.
Grants each pack member -2 difficulty bonus on riddles, dream interpretation, or enigmas.
Grants 2 points of temporary Wisdom Renown when taken as a totem – one-time reward.

Ban: The pack must seek enlightenment; otherwise, no restrictions.


Gordias was the master of disguise who went with Last Call on their spirit quest into the Abyss, providing a few tidbits of knowledge to their Theurge, Willow, and what favors he could from his shapeshifting talent. In forming a pact with the new pack, his influence and power have been reduced, although as the pack gains Renown and pays homage to their spirit friend, he will grow in power along with them.

After their recent adventure (Keep It in the Family) and the construction of the pack shrine in the sept, Brickbat gave Gordias his due directly, embellishing the totem’s exploits in warning them of the Bane threat in the Umbra, and helped to strengthen the pack’s totem with his praise.

More recently, the pack’s new Galliard, Scully, fashioned a necklace of vampire fangs and talons taken from their recent triumph over the Leech Archbishop, Churchill, and gave it to the little raven statue. And their unusual Theurge Alpha, Willow, has begun the careful building of a medicine wheel, using colored ground corn instead of sand.

Gordias represents the spirit ties that bind them, no matter how much the individual Garou may argue and squabble and fight amongst themselves.


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