Graves of the Hallowed Heroes

The roster of the dead grows


Death is a part of life for the Garou, who remember and honor their fallen for as long as caerns stand. Usually a place for quiet reflection away from the areas set aside for living and assembling the packs, reminders may be as subtle as glyph markings on a tree, or as obvious as marble mausoleums.

At the Sept of Abundant Grain, where space in the secret underground level is at a premium, patterns of glyph-carved stones recall the names of the fallen and the circumstances of their deaths. How the reborn Sept of the Hidden Spring honors its dead will be determined by the residents there — including the brave young Garou of Last Call.

This practice continues at the pack’s new home, the Sept of the Hidden Spring, where trees around the gathering area are marked with claw-inscribed glyph markings, simple tributes to fallen friends and great deeds. And down in the reclaimed underground warrens and tunnels, other such tribute may be paid to the hallowed heroes.


The Fire-Fangs Pack: A pack of Red Talons from the frozen north who wandered south, into the cursed Scab in search of vengeance and death. In Baltimore, they found both. When their home, the Sept of Frozen Blood, was taken, defiled and clear-cut by human loggers, the Red Talons traced a path of bloodshed down to the city. One of Last Call’s first adventures together involved finding the source of the Fire-Fangs’ Rage, and helping them destroy it. Later, the survivors of that particular bloodbath returned during the first raid on the Hive of Desolation, dying in an Umbral trap there.

A vacant lot, turned park, in the city, marks the honored passing of the Fire-Fangs, Hoarfrost, Snarls-at-the-Wyrm, Thornpaw, Heart-of-Ice, and Moonchaser — though now, the names of Heart-of-Ice and Moonchaser can also be carved at the reborn Sept of the Hidden Spring. The Fire-Fangs left more of a mark than this, however; the urrah pack, oddly enough, nurtures strong, friendly relations with distant Red Talon septs, which may be paying off well for them and the Red Talons.


Brickbat: An ornery, streetwise teenager who got into the pack more by unfortunate circumstance than his own free will, Brickbat was Last Call’s first Galliard. Somewhat estranged from his own tribe, the pack established ties with the Stomping Ground’s Gnawers even as Brickbat mended fences with them.

The BSD caern siege may have cost Brickbat his life, but with Bone Gnawers joining both septs in Baltimore, his short time among the Garou has helped to change the city. It may be hard to believe for his old packmates that it’s been so long already — a year, more? But their adventures continue to touch on Brickbat’s interests, plans and friends, from time to time.


Amargein: An elder (Rank 4) of the Fianna sept that assembled Last Call, Amargein was the sept’s Talesinger, master of the Moot howl and of Challenges alike. Gifted with deep ties to his ancestors, including his immediate ancestors who built the Baltimore sept, he often took offense with the new pack’s penchant for rule-breaking, their Metis Alpha, and their Cyber Dog Ragabash’s smart mouth.

Although Amargein died taking the Sept of the Hidden Spring back from the Black Spiral Dancers, our intrepid heroes still find it difficult to be thankful for his sacrifice. Amargein’s legacy lives on, however, in his Kinfolk family, whom Scully has befriended.

Pit Bull: The first raid on the Hive of Desolation was Last Call’s desperate play to head off the siege on their own caern, a gamble that worked out all right, except for the pack. The second raid actually took the Hive back, although with a price. Like cornered rats, the Black Spirals that remained took three of the raiders with them. One of these was Pit Bull, a young Metis warrior whose tendency for mad frenzies may have cost him his life. Like Brickbat before him, Pit Bull died for the sake of territory sacred to Gaia. Time will tell if the Bone Gnawers are rewarded for their sacrifice, or (as usual) taken for granted as cannon fodder.

Chelsea “O’Dark Thirty” Prince: Another casualty of the Hive raid, Chelsea was part of the A.M.F. pack, an oddly militaristic and egalitarian bunch of Glass Walkers. These self-styled “Soldiers” from the Dies Ultimae camp had Zero looking over his shoulder for a knife (or bullet) in the back — after all, Fade to Black warned the pack that she and her tribe would not stand for a Cyber Dog like Zero. As it turned out, AMF was there to investigate Zero. But instead of executing Zero for the tribe, the Glass Walker pack joined in the Hive raid, lost a third of their numbers (counting the Kinfolk), and have taken over Guardian duties at the Sept of Abundant Grain.


Graves of the Hallowed Heroes

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