Jessica Volk

Attorney, lobbyist, Shadow Lord Kinfolk


Jessica might be nearly twice Razvan’s age at this point, but if so, she doesn’t let it show. Her features bear a touch of pure-bred refinement amongst her tribe, but she’s not quite as well off as Razvan in that respect. Enough for any Shadow Lord Garou to take notice, though.

Her infant son, Nicolas, has been to the septs once or twice with her now, and of course he’s adorable — at least, when he’s not in baby hysterics.


The pack first met the Kinfolk attorney when the Garou Kin of Baltimore came under threat, although her place in a suburban gated community seemed the least likely to be attacked by the Black Spiral Dancers. In spite of her marriage, of course, Razvan was far too tempting to resist — his youth and plain-seeming looks couldn’t hide the refined bloodline of his family.

Unfortunately (or perhaps not so much?) for Jessica, her … involvement with Razvan led to an attack on her house by the Sabbat, when the pack called an Archbishop’s bluff and destroyed him. Although she made it to the safe room built into the house in time, her husband Brandon didn’t.

Although Jessica hasn’t dropped her married name, or officially shacked up with her barely-legal mate (yet), she has brought forth Razvan’s first child, a Kinfolk boy she’s named Nicolas Stefan Volk. The chance to breed true is always a slim one, but Jessica seems game to try again…however difficult it may be to balance work and family as a single mom, perhaps her late husband left her enough in life insurance to manage.

Jessica has also acquainted herself with Razvan’s other Kin contacts in the area:
Mark Adamich – auto mechanic, ex-Army, private military contractor (PMC), part of L-3 Communications, providing translators and intelligence/counterintelligence support specialists.
Jonathan Horvat – self-made, wealthy, built SCG International, providing domestic and international security, training and security services, security details, corporate, etc.
Jake and Courtney Tamm – a brother-and-sister pair of grifters and international investors, seeking profit from their confidence tricks and from playing the results in the stock market.

Jessica Volk

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