Kim "Iron Eyes" Metzger

Grog Monsters pack, Rank 3 Homid Ragabash Get of Fenris


Iron-Eyes is gruff-spoken and not one to joke, stern for a Ragabash, but well suited to her tribe. After a successful challenge involving a trip to a Fenrir-dominated sept in upstate New York, she’s returned with stronger combat skills and her Adren rank, finally fitting in with her packmates. She still has a soft spot for the Garou of Last Call, who saved her from the Abyss. If she resents anything afterward, it must be losing the opportunity to join their pack instead of the Grog Monsters, but she’s a good fit with the hard-drinking, hard-fighting Groggies.


Iron-Eyes is the last known survivor of the Sept of Unbroken Synergy in Baltimore, once a powerful skyscraper caern of the Glass Walkers and the seat of Garou power in the city — now a corrupted Hive full of Black Spiral Dancers. Spirits of Wisdom knew of her flight from the doomed sept, and that she was subsequently lost in the Abyss. For their spirit quest to impress the totem spirits, the pack was tasked with finding Iron-Eyes in order to learn about the Glass Walker sept’s fall in story two, Nascence.

And though the Get of Fenris’ scars from her experiences were mostly in the mind, the pack learned to appreciate them in time — their determination to learn more took them to the Atrocity Realm, where Iron-Eyes and the pack witnessed the sept’s slaughter and betrayal from within, by a gleaming chrome steel Garou they know as Stainless Steel.

Having recovered from her ordeal in the Abyss, Iron-Eyes makes do with her new home at the Sept of Abundant Grain. The few Garou left in Baltimore have no other sacred place to call home, and the city, more than ever, still represents a battlefield teeming with forces of the Wyrm. Even the Rotagar, the New Moons of the Fenrir, are still part of a proud warrior elite.

In the case of Iron-Eyes, however, the Black Spiral siege on the sept was an unwelcome turning point. Not only did the pack who helped save her lose one of their own, but she was drafted into another pack — under Brenna, the Garou most responsible, if anyone is, for Brickbat’s death. It is a simmering pot of resentment, and one liable to bubble over one of these days if not dealt with…

Kim "Iron Eyes" Metzger

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