Líadan Wind Across the Hills

Keeper of the Land, Rank 4 Homid Ragabash Fianna


Keeper of the Land – Líadan is responsible for the appearance of the caern and bawn, and her attention may extend into the Penumbral aspect of the caern as well. Gaian spirits may respond in kind to this token of respect for Gaia.


Líadan’s official post at the sept is Keeper of the Land. Among the Fianna that’s a bigger deal than one might find at other caerns, where some may not bother with one at all, or it may be at best an afterthought, left for lesser ranked Garou to maintain the appearance of the caern and its bawn. Of course, these days in Baltimore, it may be good to have any edge just to stay alive, and good relations with the local spirits could be vital.

Líadan’s post also has the virtue of giving her enough free time that she gets out more than the other sept elders. While the Grand Elder, Ritemaster and Warder may almost always be found there, it’s Líadan who the new pack might find in their random wanderings through the city. And there is sept business to attend to outside the grounds of the Brewing Company site.

In spite of the desperate times rocking the Garou of Baltimore, Líadan maintains the sort of wry humor one might expect of a Fianna and a Ragabash. She’d be the first to remind you, however bad it seems now, we are expecting an actual Apocalypse any day now, and when that time comes you’ll be missing times like these.

Líadan Wind Across the Hills

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