Loba Carcassone

Rank 3 Homid Theurge Silver Fang


Loba is an elegant, unearthly, but strong, solidly built woman, perhaps pushing 40. Her voice is curiously slow and soft, nearly whispering, and just sounds sad, at least at first. Her lupus form is lovely, with shimmering, delicate silver fur — in her homid form her hair may be long and black, shot through with silver, or straight and white, depending on where and when you meet her. Her curious looks and voice, combined with her relentless zeal for her work, may make her seem a touch mad, as many Silver Fangs often seem to be.


The pack first met Loba at Antonine Teardrop’s observatory in the Catskill Mountains of New York state. Her work deals primarily with children and the abuse many children suffer at the hands of the Defiler Wyrm, but she may come across just as wounded as an abused child herself. It’s disturbing, alienating enough that Loba typically avoids the Garou septs of the northeast, and the Renown she might have gained, focusing instead on the battle against the Wyrm — but it’s a battle where the claws rarely come out.

Loba Carcassone

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