Mikhail Argentclaw

Guardian, Rank 3 Homid Philodox Silver Fang


Member of the Grog Monsters, sept Guardian pack – Guardians have fewer opportunities to venture out and earn Glory in battle against the Wyrm, but may gain Honor for fulfilling their duty in protecting the caern.


What’s this, a Silver Fang being led around by a Fianna, and stuck on guard duty rather than leading his packmates in glorious battle?

Mikhail carries himself with all the regal bearing one might expect of a pure-bred Fang, and of all the Grog Monsters, only he is burdened by a Klaive, called Stormbite. In spite of his heritage, Mikhail does not lead the Guardians or seek power in the sept. That may be due to some past misdeed for which he has yet to atone, or perhaps the shroud of doom resting over Baltimore’s Garou makes it seem…not worth the bother.

And the sad part is, that may be right…

Mikhail Argentclaw

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