Moira Leaps-into-Shadow

Ritemaster, Rank 4 Homid Theurge Fianna


Master of the Rite – Moira knows the most Rites of anyone in the sept, and is responsible for all rites performed on the caern grounds, most especially at its heart. You can expect her to know all of the Caern Rites needed to maintain and utilize the caern, as well as any number of Mystic or Seasonal Rites performed regularly at the caern.
Caller of the Wyld – during moots, Moira leads the sept in the Inner Sky ritual, honoring the various totems of the sept and of the tribe or tribes that compose the sept. Thanks to the new cubs, there may be more of those totem spirits to honor!
Gatekeeper – through negotiation with neighboring caerns, the sept’s Moon Bridge might be used to travel to those caerns in one-thousandth of the time normally required. There may not be many such caerns these days, however, willing to maintain ties with Baltimore.

The Fianna are known for their large, bordering on dire-sized wolf forms, and despite her human looks and years, her lupine shape is no exception; her wolf’s reddish fur is shot through with blonde highlights, and perhaps a little grey as well.


Moira inherited the position of Master of the Rite at the Sept of Abundant Grain, and of the four elders at the caern she might seem the least friendly and welcoming. The relatively minor caern might have once been a nice place to settle down after years of service and sacrifice for Gaia, but that’s certainly not the case now. Could it be resentment over the losses the Garou have endured in Baltimore, or was it the lost opportunity to wander the city, the country or even the world to do battle against the Wyrm?

Whatever her reasons, Moira is still in a tough spot as the spiritual leader of the sept. The caern was vulnerable to attack, sept members were hard pressed to set aside time for rites vital to the caern’s function, neighboring septs were uneasy about maintaining ties to a perhaps doomed caern, and Moira was forced to handle all of these duties single-handed.

Until recently, that was just a metaphor…but after the siege of the Black Spirals, it’s Moira who may have suffered the most (and lived, anyway). Maimed by a Thunderwyrm that broke into the basement level of the Brewery, Moira was the first to try, and fail, to stop it, losing an arm in the process to the beast’s hungry maw. If the new Shadow Lord arrivals ever sought to replace her, it wouldn’t be hard.

She’s forced to fulfill her duties despite the crippling loss. And to rely more than before on assistance from Willow, the only other Theurge around — but a metis so obvious it can’t be ignored. Whether this will moderate the typical Fianna prejudice toward the mules, or could instead nurture resentment and hate, remains to be seen.

Moira Leaps-into-Shadow

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