Moon Dogs

Tribal pack from the Sept of the Hidden Spring


A disparate Uktena pack cobbled together from across the country, this tribal pack came to Baltimore when word spread of the taken Hive. Although the Shadow Lords would never admit it, the aid of the Uktena may have made the difference when Mila strove for hours to reveal the old, beaten, long-suffering Gaian caern totem. Their mystic knowledge and lore of the lost Croatan helped Mila find the lost totem spirit of Groundhog.

Led by a crafty Lupus Theurge called Guides-to-Truth, the pack brought a massive Metis Ahroun, Clubfoot Razorneck, and the Galliard Jacky Gecko. The Uktena trio added a fourth, a New Yorker who decided to stay — another Ahroun, Cesar Black Cloud.

The Moon Dogs bring their tribe’s cryptic mysticism and their special attention to the legacy of the Croatan, who once built and held this caern before the Wyrmcomers brought so much change to the Pure Land.

But these Uktena are no rubes from the reservation; the Uktena have embraced as Kinfolk many of the dispossessed peoples of the world. Jacky and Cesar may look more Hispanic than Indian — although, do the urrah of Last Call know the difference?


Moon Dogs

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