Elder Homid Philodox Shadow Lord, Society of Nidhogg


Some few Shadow Lords who claimed to have encountered him say he appears as a shell of a Crinos, animated by the void, his eyes empty black pools. He is covered in Battle Scars, and wears a black cloak, an ancient Klaive, and perhaps other, more unwholesome Fetishes. Though still intelligent, cruel and merciless as Shadow Lords often are, he is motivated by a lust for consumption.


Although many Garou, spirits and other denizens of the World of Darkness have passed through (and into) the Abyss, it’s said there is only one permanent Garou resident, Nightmaster, a Shadow Lord and member of the Society of Nidhogg.

No one knows for certain Nightmaster’s history, his powers or plans for the Abyss. The Garou of Last Call, however, may know more: could the Nightmaster actually be one of Razvan’s ancestors, as was hinted at in the Legendary Realm?

Surely their experiences were not part of the literal history of the Garou, but the pack’s future will almost certainly include some reckoning with the skeletons in Razvan’s closet. Who knows…this could include the Society of Nidhogg, or even the Nightmaster.


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