Ryan Crawford "Bright-Eyes"

Corax (wereraven), contact/ally of the sept's Fianna elders


As hard pressed and short on friends as the Sept of Abundant Grain may be, the Fianna elders still have a few contacts and allies in the city, along with other wanderers like Bright-Eyes. As one of the wereraven breed, the Corax, Baltimore’s newest Garou pack probably doesn’t know much more about their kind than the basics. The raven shifters are notorious for their wanderlust, for knowing things, and for being unable to shut up about it.

Naturally, a Corax ally like Bright-Eyes is ideal when there’s a mystery to solve, like a rogue pack of Garou sniffing around town, ignoring social protocols, and generally testing the Veil.

Ryan wears a skinny human shape, all wiry and sharp angles, with jet black hair and dark eyes, in spite of the nickname. He dresses light when he can, not a big fan of hot and sticky Baltimore summers, and his skin is nearly as pale as Willow’s.

Ryan Crawford "Bright-Eyes"

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