Social Justice

Little lost cub


Metis deformity: No Tail. Like a tail-less cat, but causes her minor, but real difficulties. Since ‘wolf-speak’ involves more than growls and snarls, a metis with no tail is a little difficult to understand: +1 difficulty in social situations while in Lupus, Hispo or Crinos. Also causes minor problems with balance in those forms: +1 difficulty to Dex rolls.


Social Justice is not the youngest of the metis cubs being raised by the Sept of Exiles’ Rest, but she may be one of the more precocious…or rebellious. She and Willow grew up some together — Willow’s not as old as she looks! — but the success stories from Baltimore are inspiring to the cubs, and in particular for this one.

She and her Kinfolk friend Ben borrowed a car to pay Willow a visit in the big city. Way too soon after the metis girl had her First Change. Bad enough that they absconded; they never made it to Baltimore, and that’s where Last Call entered the story…

Social Justice

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