Tanner Hayes "Loki's Grin"

Homid Galliard Black Spiral Dancer


Tanner is one of the many Black Spirals that called the Shattered Glass Hive home. Unlike their Gaian counterparts, the fallen tribe seems not to have the same population problem, at least in Baltimore…

For one of the Spirals, the smiling villain spends an inordinate amount of time snooping around the Sept of Abundant Grain. In spite of the obvious conflict, he maintains a cheeky grin and pleasant disposition around the Gaian Garou. It would be different in the wilderness, if a Black Spiral Dancer came lurking around a caern’s bawn…but in the city, on your doorstep, it doesn’t pay to pick fights, shoot guns or shift forms, and bring the authorities to your home. And so, the two sides trade rhetorical barbs instead, while “Loki’s Grin” takes the measure of his foes, perhaps looking for more potential defectors.

In the aftermath of Shattered Glass’ fall, Tanner’s fate is unclear … but after all the suffering he’s inflicted on the pack, they can only hope that he survived whatever destroyed his Hive — so that the pack can finish him off personally.

Tanner Hayes "Loki's Grin"

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