The City Father of Baltimore

The emergent soul of the city


Your first clue is the enigmatic spirit’s resemblance to a famous historical figure, associated with the city of Baltimore. Even so, he’s not the most pleasant of sights. His 19th-century attire smells of the ocean, his collar and shirt-cuffs are stained with red, and his footsteps tap with the precision of a metronome. A few ravens may accompany him, or perch on his shoulder, or nest in his hair…picking at the spiders. Spiders make cobwebs in his pockets, crawl across his coat, or descend on web-lines from his ears — sometimes to be eaten by a raven.


City Fathers and Mothers used to be rare, a century ago more the stuff of rumor than an acknowledged phenomenon. More citified Garou theorize these spirits are increasing in numbers along with the proliferation of computer networks. All that copper wire and fiber-optic cable, thrumming with power and raw information and human thought, and a concept like “Baltimore” achieves some measure of sentience as an Epiphling, a type of spirit embodying a concept or a thought.

Existing outside the conventional boundaries of the Triat, the emergent awareness of the City Father (or Mother) is interested primarily in the metropolis they represent. So, it may be that such a spirit willingly chooses a more destructive path, such as growth for local industries, even if they pollute the environment in the process, or expansion of the city’s territory, and urban sprawl along with it.

The soul of the city used to be on the side of the Black Spiral Dancers — a pack of them, the Bloody Sores, had even claimed the City Father as their Totem! The Bloody Sores were even responsible for the death of Brickbat, a Bone Gnawer slain by the Spirals’ Leech allies during the siege on the Brewery. It seemed as if the city itself had turned against the Garou.

How things have changed since then. While the Garou of Last Call never did get their chance for vengeance upon the Bloody Sores, the City Father has been sighted once or twice, and he seems…different. Not as cold, afflicted or sinister as before, but not quite wholesome, either. What does this portend for the Garou of Baltimore?

The City Father of Baltimore

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