Warder, Rank 4 Lupus Ahroun Fianna


Warder – Tracker-by-Moonlight is ultimately responsible for the caern’s security, and with that responsibility comes complete authority. Even the Grand Elder may defer to the Warder’s wishes when it comes to keeping the caern safe. In that respect, the Warder might find the new pack of cubs to be the most expendable…but he does have a dedicated pack of Guardians to serve his needs, for as long as they last.

Wyrm Foe – at the end of moot rites, the Wyrm Foe leads the sept’s Garou in the Revel, inciting them to run through the caern and bawn in search of enemies to chase off. In the process, the participating Garou spend a portion of their Gnosis, recharging the caern’s power – a ritual vital to sustaining a caern. Without such donations from a caern’s residents, its power will lapse and be lost.


Tracker-by-Moonlight is the lone wolf (lupus) in a sept full of homids, and a city-wolf to boot; it is an unusual situation, and likely a good story if anyone cares to tell it. Tracker’s post as Warder of the caern has taken on additional importance since the caerns in Baltimore began to decline and fall, and now he is in charge of security for the Garou’s last stand in the city. As a result, the responsibility may be a bit overwhelming.

Forced to put our young pack to use as Guardians, Tracker nevertheless saw them through the aftermath of the caern siege, teaching them in Garou combat, patience, and honor. Now that Last Call has left the nest, Tracker took time during the summer to challenge for Athro rank and earned it battling the forces of the Wyrm in the Amazon jungle. At long last given a chance to cut loose, our Warder must have been careful enough to come back, though his Battle Scars are beginning to slow him down a bit.

Though he may prefer his striking, large, red furred breed form, in deference to the two-legs he is often found in his human shape, a swarthy, unkempt, barely civilized man with a decidedly feral gaze.


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