European Glass Walker/Cyber Dogs? pack


Pack totem: Fox. A totem of Cunning, Fox packs gain in power to confuse and trick their enemies. As with many totems of Cunning, however, they are often seen as dishonorable by packs with more respectable totems, and suffer reduced Honor rewards for it.

Koschei — metis Ahroun. Not as at home in the city as his packmates, the metis provides the balance of some muscle to the cunning pack

Else “Plan B” de Vries — homid Philodox. The pack’s nominal leader, given what passes for her deed name for her as-yet unsteady leadership and confidence

Algernon “Al” Fournier — homid Theurge. A French import, Glass Walker Theurges struggle to keep the spirit world relevant in European cities suffocating in the Weaver’s Pattern Web, which afflicts Europe’s sprawling cities and towns far more than the stifling cobwebs filling up Penumbral Baltimore

Anneke “Gobbet” Meyer — homid Ragabash. The pack’s most knowledgeable snoop, she was Zero’s principal contact with the pack, who added much to her mostly-mundane skills from working with him


A cagey pack of city-wise investigators from central Europe, possibly cubs or Cliath on their own Rite of Passage, but Glass Walkers Zero helped with a particular task as part of his own challenge for Adren rank. As Zero establishes contacts with the elusive Cyber Dogs, as part of his plan for redeeming the fallen Glass Walker camp, Zero may be hearing from the Troubleshooters again.


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