The Banecruncher of Glen na Sléacht

Scully's fetish axe from the Legendary Realm

weapon (melee)

Level 3, Gnosis 7, +1 damage

Appearance: A large blue Elvan stone axe head (similar to greenstone), set in a hand-crafted, baseball bat-sized oak haft in the celt style, a hole carved and burned into the haft so the axe head can be inserted into it. The blue Elvan stone is delicately carved with Garou glyphs that are difficult to see at a glance, but may be accentuated with charcoal, paint, or blood. They give off a soft blue-white glow when the fetish is activated.

Powers: +4 damage against creatures of the Wyrm when activated. The cleansing power of the Bhelwi spirit manifests in increased damage against Wyrm creatures, often eliciting howls of agony from them similar to the effect of a Bane Arrow. The axe is a fearsome weapon against the Wyrm, but decidedly less so against anything else.

Cleanse the Blight: as the Spirit Charm.


Banecruncher was the deed name of Faelan O’Corcrain, a Fianna ancestor of Scully’s, which the pack encountered in the Legendary Realm. The pack camped at Banecruncher’s cairn and discovered his namesake blue-stone axe head, intricately carved with its name and story. It bears a slightly different name in old Irish Gaelic, Tua Chatha Íonúcháin na Glen na Sléacht, or the Purifying Battle-Axe of the Glen of Slaughter.

As with many Fianna fetishes, the empowering spirit, a Bhelwi (plural: Bhelwer) or Epiphling spirit of courage, was allowed to depart, leaving its material shell behind. Banecruncher of course remembered his spirit companion well, and was able to offer some advice about rebuilding the fetish — that is, once the pack (and Scully in particular) won Banecruncher over.

Although Scully’s skill with primitive crafting was up to the task of fashioning a durable new handle for the axe from natural materials, and Willow was armed with the Bhelwi’s name, it would not do for them to force the Epiphling into service. Instead, it fell to Scully to prove his courage, with a promise to take the fetish to his ancestors and sing its story to them.

And if the modern-day Fianna seem overly hostile to metis, they’ve got nothing on their ancestors in the Legendary Realm. For Scully, proving his worth to his ancestors is a dangerous prospect, for him and his pack, with the very real risk of death. The Fianna’s hatred of metis is, well, legendary!

The Banecruncher of Glen na Sléacht

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