Eye of the Simurgh

Willow's fetish eye


Level 4, Gnosis 8

Activation power: Merciful Blow (see Stargazer Level 3 Gift)

The user attunes themselves to the body of their target. If their next blow (hand or weapon) strikes and does damage, the player may roll Perception + Medicine. With 1-2 successes, the target keels over helpless for the next turn. With 3+ successes, the target is paralyzed for the scene. The Gift itself inflicts no damage.


Willow’s fetish eye has replaced her flesh-and-blood eye, but seems as functional as before. When activated, she can use its special insight to subdue enemies (or possibly friends?) without killing them…or, it may just be the prelude to killing them. As a Fetish, of course, activating it doesn’t mix with spending Rage.

In addition, Willow’s eye is literally an eye out in the world, seeing for the Simurgh. A spirit of enlightenment and wisdom — possibly a unique spirit, or one of a small number — the Simurgh can learn from what Willow sees, and where she goes. The fetish marks her with the blessing of a rare spirit, and represents her deep ties to the spirit world.

Eye of the Simurgh

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