Fetish Advanced Digital Enhancement Implant - the 'Fadey'

Zero's technofetish


Level 3, Gnosis 7

Full access to Eidetic Memory – beyond just picture-taking, Zero has fully accessible memory access, which may also be downloaded and reviewed. Hard drive capacity estimated in the hundreds of terabytes.

Additional merits – Time Sense, Lightning Calculator (a near-perfect, ever-present sense of time, down to within a few seconds of accuracy; can perform complex mathematical operations/equations in his head instantly, with little error, at computer speeds)

Potential, temporary access to useful skill uploads/downloads, equivalent to the Background: Ancestors 4. Access to skills to be determined later; Zero’s one of a select few to undergo this particular implantation, and he may have to trade in skill-sets, bartering his own expertise — and life experience.

External interface – may use a set of interface cables/adapters to plug directly into ordinary computers, halving the time required for computer operations and hacking attempts.

Wireless, sensory access to the Computer Web (part of the CyberRealm), a spiritual reflection of every computer and telephone system on Earth, touching even computers that are turned off or disconnected from phone lines.


Perhaps inspired by the hypertech innovation of some other supernatural faction in the WoD, Zero’s Cyber Dog allies re-engineered the ‘Fadey’ in the form of a spirit-based, fetish design. Once a series of injections implanted a collective of Nano-Pattern Spiders into his head, the spiders assembled themselves into a beyond-cutting-edge computer, using a few bits of Zero’s skull that he won’t be needing as additional material. Built not out of static chips and wires, but a dynamic collective of Weaver spirits, Zero’s new cybertech holds the promise of growth, evolution…if there is room in his brainpan for it, that is.

The computer’s ‘OS’ came in the form of the Informational Geomid the pack captured in an Umbral raid on Bank of America, and it ‘woke up’ for the first time with the name Melchior. The only sometimes-visible hardware is an external access port implanted behind Zero’s left ear. Its built-in implant radio (Zero’s his own wi-fi hotspot!) uses his skull for an antenna.

Fetish Advanced Digital Enhancement Implant - the 'Fadey'

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