The Sword of the Ever-Thirsting Vampire

Ancestral Shadow Lord weapon

weapon (melee)

Level 5, Gnosis 8, +3 damage

Appearance: A well-kept, Roman gladius, a steel blade with an ornate hilt of bronze etched in black, and leather wrap for the grip. The gladius is not particularly long or short, double-edged, and excellent for thrusting attacks, which the Roman legions were known for in its use. Spilled blood never seems to linger for long on the blade.

Powers: Blood Sucking: Heals the user for 1 health level per 5 health levels dealt by the blade
Vampire lore: An elder vampire from ancient Rome was bound into its own favored weapon, and when the weapon is fed it can offer the vampire’s own abilities as well as some of its wisdom to the wielder.
Wyrm taint: The more the sword is ‘fed,’ the more power it can offer, but at a cost — the spirit of the strigoi within also shows its taint when it is well fed, and a reckless user of the blade might well set it free one day. When not in use, the sword must be purified and cleansed, which reduces its Wyrm taint to insignificance, but also tortures and weakens the vampire’s spirit.


This unusual blade, also known as Spatha Strigoi √énsetat, is not a true Klaive or Grand Klaive, as it is not forged in silver or invested with Gaian spirits. Instead, it was a prize taken in battle by one of Razvan’s Theurge ancestors. After vanquishing the Leech who used it, the Shadow Lord killed the vampire with its own weapon, binding the vampire’s spirit before it could escape.

The blade and its tainted strigoi power have served the Light Bringers of the Dragomir family for centuries, although it is used only occasionally, and with care. The tainted blade may aid its bearer in passing in strongholds of Wyrmish power, but what influence might it also exert? Garou who know of its history, or sense its taint, may be suspicious of the fetish and its user.

The Sword of the Ever-Thirsting Vampire

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