Shining Burning Finger!

Zero's cybernetic fatality move

weapon (melee)

Level 3, Gnosis 6

Step One: 1 Gnosis, plus 1 turn to power up the Heat Metal effect. Zero’s cybernetic arm transforms, and will remain so until willed back to normal. The metal remains hot enough to harm for the next three attacks.
Step Two: 1 Rage to retract Zero’s cybernetic spring-action arm. His arm folds in tightly at the elbow and locks in place, and when released springs out harder than a mortal man can punch or stab.

End result: One initial spring-loaded punch/stab with a red-hot knife! +5 damage.
Subsequent attacks lose the spring-action and deal less damage from the heat: +3, then +2 damage. Defaults to a knife attack, +1 damage.
Without the spring-action, the hot knife deals +3, then +3, then +2 by itself.


Zero’s cyber-weapon is his own design, plus some inspiration from his favorite anime, built by the Nanospider colony that’s taken up in his brain — and clearly migrated out into the rest of his body. Lacking any other ready source of Gnosis to empower the cyberfetish, he invested his own spirit power into the Nanospiders, which multiplied and grew in power. Using whatever raw materials Zero could provide them at the time, the nano-Pattern Spiders consumed the flesh, replacing it with something more…something better.

Easy enough to hide in homid form, but unmistakeable as cybernetic in his other forms, Zero’s arm lets the rest of the Glass Walkers know that he intends to redeem the Cyber Dogs from within — not finish them off.

Shining Burning Finger!

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