Rage Across Baltimore

Story 13: Forlorn Son

Blashyrkh Mighty Ravendark!

In our next guest-ST story, journey together to the farthest of the north to aid Long Runner, the Red Talons, and Mammoth! It will take Razvan’s skills in modern medicine, and Zero’s high tech expertise; no doubt there will be something useful for the others to do, too.

Zero certainly hasn’t forgotten the preserved mammoth blood samples they have, and the possibility of restoring the mammoth back to real-world life. In fact, he’s been looking for some new path away from the pure machinery of cybernetics, perhaps cutting edge biotechnology or something beyond? Perhaps this will lead him in the right direction…or give him more of a reason to look for one.

Don’t worry; Dave knows it can’t all be glorious runs in the woods in wolf form and smashing Wyrmthings and butt-sniffing. We all know Razvan’s been corrupted; the first thing he wanted after the Legendary Realm was a hot shower and a hamburger. You’re not fooling anybody, Spine-Render!




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