Rage Across Baltimore

Second Story: Nascence
The hunt for a Totem

Four Garou cubs have survived their first adventure together in Rage Across Baltimore, and together they struck a blow against the forces of the Wyrm. But before they can take action against the likes of the Black Spiral Loki’s Grin or the Wyrmish wildcard Sophia, the time has come for the pack to choose the totem that best represents them…or perhaps it’s more a case of hunting down a totem willing to adopt the urrah pack.

The choice of which totem the Garou decide to serve grants that totem and its Incarna the power of their devotion, and in return they gain the patronage of that totem spirit and some of its power. Most packs choose a totem of Respect, War, or Wisdom, corresponding with the types of Renown that the Garou Nation values. Although perhaps this pack will go the route of a totem of Cunning and take the less honorable, less respected — more unexpected — path.

The totem will help to define the pack and its goals, and all too soon it may give them their sacred journey to perform, as has been prophesied for the time of Apocalypse. But first, the pack will have to find a totem, and convince the spirit to join with them, perhaps by undertaking a quest on its behalf…


Intro Story: Desperate Times
The pack-to-be's Rite of Passage

The Garou Nation is beset with crises: don’t think for a minute that Baltimore represents the only last stand for desperate skin-changers on the verge of losing territory. The situation in Baltimore is just one of many. But while wandering packs of combat-tested heroes might be tasked with saving other Garou protectorates, the best that could be done for Baltimore is a mixed pack of urrah, Metis and other cast-offs. And yet, even these few cubs are precious to the Garou; every Gaian werewolf lost in battle is nearly irreplaceable, especially in these last days before the prophesied Apocalypse.

In our introduction to Rage Across Baltimore, the PCs gather at their new sept to take on a serious problem — a power drain of lost Gnosis from the caern — and to do so under the shadows and watchful eyes of the sept’s enemies.



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