The Foundation for a Better Life

In its first iteration, it was known as the Sept of Unbroken Synergy. Black Spiral Dancers, aided by a now-dead Glass Walker turncoat, remade it into the Shattered Glass Hive. And now, taken over by an unidentified force, this place of power in the city is now owned by The Foundation for a Better Life.

The Sept of Unbroken Synergy was once the seat of Glass Walker power in Baltimore. The caern was built along with the skyscraper that houses it decades ago, and at the time the sept was cutting edge in every respect. It may still be the strongest caern in the city, but it is no longer held by the Garou in Baltimore.

Some years ago, the Glass Walker tribe in Baltimore was devastated, and their caern lost, thanks to a turncoat. A once-honored Gatekeeper called Stainless Steel took advantage of the main weakness of skyscraper caerns — Umbral invasion — and let Black Spirals into the heart of the Gaian sanctuary. Worse still, Stainless Steel remained in the city as a member of the Hive. Known as Shattered Glass, it was a blight on the city and a constant reminder of shame and betrayal for what few Glass Walkers remained in Baltimore.

Once, Shattered Glass represented the locus of the Garou’s inevitable defeat. Then, a pack of untested cubs was formed in the city, and little by little, things began to change. The sole remaining Garou caern survived a Black Spiral siege. The other BSD Hive in the area was attacked and crippled. Baltimore began to look less like a loss and more like an opportunity. Naturally, the Shadow Lords were first to arrive, looking to seize that opportunity.

When the time came for a decisive raid on the Spirals, however, the hammer did not fall on Shattered Glass. Instead, the skyscraper Hive came under attack by an Umbral machine that remains a mystery to the Garou. Still, they took advantage of the chaos and took back the Spirals’ second Hive, leaving Shattered Glass to the mysterious machine.

Since then, scouts from the Brewery and the Hidden Spring report no Black Spiral presence at the downtown skyscraper. The BSDs are laying low, still spotted on occasion but only rarely. And the skyscraper, swarming with Pattern Spiders and thick Pattern webbing in the Umbra, now sports signage from this rather bland, seemingly altruistic Foundation for a Better Life.

The Foundation appears online, of course, and the Baltimore Sun features stories on the Foundation’s work regularly. Ostensibly a non-profit that promotes “good values” through public service campaigns, the FBL more recently has campaigned successfully for new federal infrastructure programs in Baltimore. PSAs about lead paint contamination, funding for work and jobs in lead abatement, and the razing of some blighted inner city properties, have led to some measure of revitalization (and perhaps gentrification as well) for the city.

If there’s a catch to these mysterious benefactors, the Garou haven’t found it yet.

The Foundation for a Better Life

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