Cyborg shell

The following are a few sample techno-fetishes from The Book of the Weaver (which I found online), the Glass Walker tribe book, and the Umbra sourcebook.

Body Reformation Engine (Level 4, Gnosis 7)
Blatantly abusing the werewolf’s ability to regenerate and shapeshift, this complex system of nanotech grinders spread throughout the Glass Walker’s body deliberately destroys their physical form whilst a hormonal injection stops regeneration returning the body to its natural state but instead rebuilds the body in its new state. By doing this, the Garou can extend limbs out to ridiculous lengths, completely redesign their physical shape (height, weight, etc.), turn their body into a single long snakelike tube, or any other number of tricks. (source: GW tribebook revised)

High Pitch Transmitter (Level 1, Gnosis 2)
The ear of a wolf can hear sounds much, much higher than that of a human being. This Cyberfetish raises the Garou’s voice tone beyond the human range of hearing but within the wolf range, allowing the Glass Walker to speak while remaining inaudible to humans. Whilst this fetish may be used in any form, only Garou in Crinos, Hispo or Lupus will hear the signal. (source: GW tribebook revised)

Personal Reserves (Level 3, Gnosis 6)
Sometimes, there just aren’t enough bullets. This Cyberfetish consists of a long metal tube that goes into the Glass Walker’s stomach through his side. This tube can then be inserted into a specially-made firearm. Once the clip in the firearm is exhausted, the Glass Walker can literally feed his own Rage or Gnosis into the fun to reload it, one point for each full reload. The bullets are formed and then stored inside the Glass Walker’s stomach. (source: GW tribebook revised)

Steel Fur (Level 4, Gnosis 5)
This is a Technofetish that places a metal elemental into the coat of a Garou. This fetish gives the Garou a chromed look. It adds four dice to all soak rolls, even against aggravated damage. Steel fur counts as two dedicated items. (source: Umbra)

Lightning Claws (Level 3, Gnosis 5)
This Technofetish is created by using Weaver spirits to rework a Garou’s claws. An electricity elemental is bound into them. A Garou with Lightning Claws does two dice of electrical damage with every successful claw attack in addition to regular damage. Also, Lightning Claws let Garou scramble machinery by touching it and rolling Gnosis (difficulty depends on the complexity of the machine). They are metallic-looking and unconcealable in Homid form. (source: Umbra)

Bionics/Cybernetics: Variable Rank, Gnosis (2+Rank)
From fantastic machinations of Asimov and Gibson to crudely-fashioned appendages dating back to dynastic China, the marriage of man and machine has been a longtime dream of scientists and storytellers. Though widely regarded as science fiction even by the World of Darkness’ diverse denizens, a select number among the Glass Walkers and Hakken know otherwise from firsthand experience, and distressing rumors abound regarding tragic DNA experimental subjects and sinister perversions wrought by Pentex technicians.

So-called “basic” bionic/cybernetic modifications (that is, those without subsidiary spiritual attachments – Gifts et al.) artificially augment physical and/or perceptual attributes. Examples include:

Alloyed Endoskeleton (reinforced Stamina)
Lexical Database (book-knowledge Intelligence add-ons)
Myomer Musculature (temporary Strength boost)
Ocular Recognition/Targeting System (heightened Perception)
Pheromonal Secretors (enhanced Charisma)
Reflex Filaments (inhuman coordination/Dexterity)
Subliminal Harmonizer (voice-augmented Manipulation)
Synaptic Accelerators (preternaturally quick Wits)
Syntheskin (artificially-altered Appearance)
…as well as half a hundred other artifacts of cyberpunk legend.

Of somewhat more scholarly interest in recent years is the introduction of ‘chipware’ – miniaturized units of throwaway memory, hardwired directly into the lower mnemonic centers surrounding the cerebral cortex and stem. Although unimaginably expensive, prohibitively difficult to come by, and often incompatible with individual brain chemistry, this cunningly-disguised biotechnology offers a quick and comparaticely easy alternative to the tedium of subliminal learning or by-the-book instruction.

System: One additional point in any Attribute (or Ability, in the case of chipware) per Rank is a good rule of thumb for basic bio-booster hardware. Additional effects (e.g., multiple Attribute/Ability bonuses, powers mimicking those of other fetishes and/or Gifts) may be added on a point-for-point basis (using the rank of the fetish(es) or Gift(s) in question…with their own associated spiritual issues and negotiations, of course. Halve the benefits, however, if dealing with implants that can shapeshift to match a shapeshifter’s various forms; ergo, a shapeshifter’s four-dot cybernetic limb only grants two dots of Attribute modifiers. In no cases will a shapeshifter’s body accept an implant that isn’t a fetish – even Technomagick isn’t capable of adapting to the half-spirit nature of the Changing Breeds.

Players and Storytellers should keep in mind the potential hazards of mismatched muscle groups and unrehearsed physical activity; an over-enthusiastic guinea pig who attempts a 75 mph sprint on same-day cyberlegs or a series of fresh-chipped circular kicks without an accompanying regimen of physical conditioning is going to be in for an unpleasant surprise when she tears multiple muscles and surrounding ligaments.

But the physical dangers of overpressure pale before the psychological. Although it seems second-nature to us, the cerebral burden of controlling four autonomous appendages is computationally daunting, and tampered with only at great risk to the experimenter. Radical bionic replacement (or installation of any additional limbs) invariably results in unwanted side effects, from psychosomatic discomfort (cramping/muscle seizure, severe migraines, phantom pain) to irreparable emotional trauma (antisocial Derangements, autism, withdrawal, even catatonia) to subtler internal complications (such as the onset of Parkinson’s Syndrome or similar degenerative nervous conditions, given the morbid moniker ‘Black Shakes’ by fanboy Cyberphreaks). Those risks (and subsequent afflictions) should increase in frequency and severity with the Rank of the fetish(es) in question, and are left to the Storyteller’s discretion. (source: Book of the Weaver)


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