Glass Walker Tribal Gifts

Glass Walkers have some specialized Gifts, the result of spiritual innovation and discovery. Gifts known to the Tribe can be taught to Garou of other tribes, and most GW’s will readily do so — the more people who know it, the more it will be developed — and so they will usually encourage spirits to teach any Garou who asks. The other tribes, however, mostly don’t seek them out.

Camp Gifts are different. They are coveted, secret, and not widespread, otherwise the camp would lose influence and power. Very few spirits today will try and teach camp specific Gifts to those outside the camp.

Tribal Gifts

Skyscraper Vision (Level One): Whilst the urban jungle offers many new possibilities for the hunter, it also presents its share of difficulties. One of the most troublesome of these is the possibility of their prey slipping into a crowd and simply disappearing. With this Gift, the Glass Walker can see through the eyes of a glass spirit in a skyscraper window to pick out their prey from above. The City Father or a glass-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player makes a Gnosis roll (difficulty 6). For every success rolled, the character can see from the perspective of any window in the area (about half a city block) for one turn. If used to find specific details, the Storyteller may ask for a second roll using Perception + Alertness, adding one bonus die for each success gained in the initial Gnosis roll, to see if the mark can be spotted in time. Difficulty should be set by Storyteller to reflect the elusiveness of the target.

Steel Fur (Level Two): Focusing in on their own being, the Glass Walker wraps his own spirit with those of steel, turning his fur into hardened metal. Metal or Earth elementals teach this Gift.
System: The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Stamina + Science (difficulty 7). Each success adds one die to the Garou’s soak pool for one scene. While this Gift is active, the Garou suffers +1 difficulty to all Dexterity rolls, and any Social rolls not involving other Glass Walkers. Obviously, you must be in Crinos, Hispo or Lupus form to use this Gift.

Pennies from Heaven (Level Two): The Glass Walker convinces money spirits to change their denomination. The coin or note simply metamorphoses into the appropriate denomination. Money spirits teach the Gift.
System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Politics. What value the money becomes determines the difficulty regardless of the original denomination.
Penny: Dif 3; Nickel: 4; Dime: 5; Quarter: 6; Dollar: 7; Five Dollar: 8; Twenty Dollar: 9; One Hundred Dollar: 10
Each success can change one coin or note into another denomination. Foreign currencies can also be converted in similar fashion, and it is also possible to convert a currency of one country to a different denomination of another.

Electroshock (Level Three): The Glass Walkers are the tribe of glass, steel and electricity. This last element can be used to directly damage opponents that the Glass Walker can either touch, or who are touching a conductive material such as metal or water. An electricity-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends a number of Rage points. Each point of Rage spent inflicts three levels of aggravated wounds on the Glass Walker’s opponents. These levels of damage may be divided among as many opponents as the number of Rage points invested in this Gift. As usual, the character cannot spend more Rage than half of his permanent rating in one turn.

Intrusion (Level Three): It’s impossible to keep a cockroach out of a house, and it’s equally impossbile to keep a Glass Walker out, provided she has this Gift. Once this Gift is activated, the Glass Walker can easily break almost any barrier that is presented to her. Doors mysteriously unlock upon her approach; padlocks fall open with no explanation. The Gift has, however, a very short and specific time limit. A cockroach-spirit teacher the Gift.
System: The player spends one point of Gnosis and then rolls his Gnosis pool, difficulty 7. Every success will keep this Gift active for exactly one minute, and many Glass Walkers deliberately time themselves with stopwatches so they can know when this Gift will wear off. (If a hard mechanical number is needed, assume each minute is one turn.) During this time almost no door or barrier can possibly stop the Glass Walker. Highly secure doors (such as foot-thick iron security doors) may require a Dexterity or Wits+Streetwise roll, but every success on the initial Gnosis roll for this Gift adds one automatic success to such rolls.

Tech Speak (Level Four): This Gift allows the Glass Walker to contact others through any technological device. The Garou speaks to a Pattern Spider in or near a technological device and tells them the messsage to be delivered and whom it should be delivered to. The Pattern Spider then finds the receiver and uses any communications technology near them to deliver the message; telephones yell it out (without picking up the handset), electronic billboards display it, computer printers print it out as text. If no communications technology is present, any other technology will activate, though no message will be imparted. If no technology whatsoever is present near the receiver, the Gift fails. A Pattern Spider teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Science. The difficulty is relevant to the distance the message needs to be sent: the next room is difficulty 4, the same building 5, one block away 6, one mile away 7, a time-zone away 8. Beyond that is difficulty 9. The more successes achieved, the longer the message can be. A single success will only allow one word to be sent, five would allow unlimited length.

Custom Built (Level Five): Initially a Random Interrupt invention but now spread throughout the tribe, this Gift is both revered and reviled. Treating spirits as data, the Glass Walker can manipulate the spirit of a tool to turn it into any other tool. The actual object doesn’t change, but its properties and use does. A PDA can become razor sharp, or a knife could be tapped on to hack into a system. Once the object has been used once, though, the spirit dies and the object breaks beyond repair. A Pattern Spider can teach this Gift, but they never do so willingly and must be coerced. More commonly, other Garou teach it.
System: A Glass Walker using this Gift spends one Gnosis and rolls Manipulation + Science. Difficulty depends upon the degree of change. Turning a tool into another of much the same purpose is difficulty 5 (turning a sword into a pistol), changing a tool into another of different purpose but similar complexity is difficulty 7 (turning a sword into a frying pan), while turning a tool into another of vastly varying complexity is difficulty 9 (turning a sword into a laptop computer). This tool can be used exactly once; one bullet may be fired, one egg may be fried, one password may be cracked. After that, the object falls apart.
Many Glass Walkers consider this Gift heinous murder, and if it is used in anything short of a dire emergency the user will lose Honor and Wisdom. (Storyteller’s discretion.) Simply knowing the Gift is enough to be shunned by some. Ironically, this attitude is most common among the Random Interrupts, and almost none know the Gift.

Camp Gifts – Cyber Dogs

Cool Mind (Level One): Too many Garou are afraid of advancing beyond the limits of their bodies. To counter this, the Cyber Dogs have a Gift that banishes fear, anxiety or any other emotion. People targeted by this Gift lose their emotion temporarily, able to think perfectly logically. A Pattern Spider teaches this Gift.
System: The Cyber Dog spends one Willpower and rolls Intelligence + Investigation (difficulty 7) in a resisted roll against the target’s Wits + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). The target can choose not to resist, and you may target yourself. If successful, the target becomes cold and impersonal for as many turns as successes achieved, thinking entirely with intellect and ignoring emotion. Emotions do still exist as abstract concepts; a target can still think, “I love this man, so it would not be to my benefit to harm him.” This Gift cannot counter the effects of the Delirium. Garou under this Gift’s effects suffer +2 difficulty to Rage rolls, though frenzy will disrupt the Gift.

(Cool Mind is mentioned in passing as Gabriel Van der Linden’s favorite Gift.)

Steel Made Flesh (Level Two): Sometimes it’s useful to take a step back in order to facilitate many steps forward. An example would be in airports or other places with metal detectors. This Gift allows the Garou to change all cybernetics in his body back into flesh. While flesh, cybernetics do not operate. A snake or cicada-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The Cyber Dog spends one Gnosis. The cybernetics become flesh immediately. The Gift lasts for the rest of the scene.

Glass Walker Tribal Gifts

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