Sept of the Hidden Spring


Caern: Elk Neck State Park
Caern Totem: Wuchak (Groundhog)
Level: 2
Gauntlet: 4
Type: Honor (Stamina)
Tribal Structure: Open, multi-tribal

Packs: 4
Fear of the Dark (Mila “Walks-the-Knife’s-Edge” Vorona, Rajka “Last Laugh” Katranjiev, Boris “Arbiter of Storms” Reznik)
Moon Dogs (Guides-to-Truth, Clubfoot Razorneck, Jacky Gecko, Cesar Black Cloud)
Last Call (Willow Shaeffer, Zero, Scully Mac Brón “Seven-Songs”)
Charming Backstabbers (Big G, Dumpster-Diver, Three Fingers, Ragtime, Pigsticker)

Sept Roles:

Grand Elder: Mila Vorona
Council of Elders: Boris Reznik, Rajka Katranjiev, Guides-to-Truth, Clubfoot Razorneck
Warder:Clubfoot Razorneck
Guardians: the Charming Backstabbers pack
Master of the Rite: Guides-to-Truth
Gatekeeper: Mila Vorona (w/emissary Rajka Katranjiev)
Keeper of the Land: Willow Shaeffer
Master of the Challenge: Boris Reznik

Lesser (Moot) Offices:

Master of the Howl: Jacky Gecko
Fool/Trickster: Rajka Katranjiev
Caller of the Wyld: Mila Vorona
Truthcatcher: Boris Reznik
Talesinger: Jacky Gecko
Wyrm Foe: Clubfoot Razorneck


The Sept of the Hidden Spring was once a Gaian caern older than the city of Baltimore that grew up nearby…and now, it’s a Gaian caern once again.

Dating back to the time of the lost Croatan tribe, the native Garou welcomed the European shifters arriving with the mundane colonists. But the new arrivals had unwittingly been followed by Wyrm-creatures and Eater-of-Souls, one of the three heads of the Wyrm. The sacrifice of the Croatan banished Eater-of-Souls back to Malfeas, but this left their territory along the eastern coast open. The European tribes took over many septs like the Hidden Spring, and their legacy of destruction led to the remaining native tribes calling them Wyrmcomers.

The sept was once led by a multi-tribal council of Get of Fenris, Silver Fangs, Shadow Lords, and Fianna, who fought among themselves nearly as much as they fought the expansion of civilization in Baltimore and the surrounding area. Weakened by the consumption of the Croatan and the expansion of the city, the Hidden Spring was eclipsed in time by the citified Glass Walkers and the skyscraper caern they built.

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With the Garou of the Hidden Spring already in conflict and decline, the forces of the Wyrm struck there first. Black Spiral Dancers held the caern for nearly two decades; they called it the Hive of Desolation. And while the craziest and most powerful Black Spirals have moved on to remake the city caern into the Shattered Glass Hive, their tribe-mates just outside the city reinforced Shattered Glass’ attempts to eliminate the last Gaian Garou from Baltimore.

The exact location of the Black Spirals’ Hive was not known for some time, as no one from the Hidden Spring survived its fall. But the old caern was found up the coast, to the northeast of the city, in a wilderness area that now goes by the name of Elk Neck State Park.

Jutting out into Chesapeake Bay, the small peninsula sports a lighthouse and is known for hiking trails and camping grounds; although, who can say how many lone hikers and camping families disappeared there each year while the Black Spirals held it.

After the Black Spirals’ failed siege of the Brewery, the tide slowly turned. Baltimore attracted new packs to the city, and with Last Call as their bulwark, the Garou packs explored, scouted out the enemy, and waited. The opportunity came when a mysterious Weaver spirit attacked Shattered Glass from the Penumbra.

The Fianna from the Sept of Abundant Grain, tested by the Spirals, moved beyond being useless party-boys and took the Hive of Desolation back for Gaia — a victory not seen in generations! And one that could never have been won without Last Call, even if the pack wasn’t there for the bloody finale.

Since that victory some time ago, the new Hidden Spring sept rose around its redeemed caern totem, Wuchak. With the help of the Uktena Theurge Guides-to-Truth, and the small pack he cobbled together for the purpose, the Uktena helped the Shadow Lord pack Fear of the Dark in the caern’s reclamation, and the two packs share power over the sept.

And the Garou of Last Call? In the aftermath of the trumphant raid, our heroes were finally freed of their duties as Guardians of the Sept of Abundant Grain, and moved to join the Hidden Spring. Now, they are free to roam, to make their names, and achieve great things — unless the Apocalypse comes first.


Pack Shrine: Each of the packs calling the Sept of Abundant Grain home has a small shrine, down in the underground chambers excavated around the caern’s heart.

Dedicated to their pack’s totem, the Dream Raven Gordias, Willow and her Kin sweetheart built a shelved display table, with a tribal style table covering, bead hangings and macrame. Zero added his own uniquely urrah style touch, a raven statue 3D-printed in sandstone.

Sept of the Hidden Spring

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