Vaughan Evenhand

Rank 4 Homid Philodox Fianna, Grand Elder of the Sept of Abundant Grain


Grand Elder – Vaughan leads the council of elders, his packmates, in running the Sept of Abundant Grain. Although his packmates and the Warder have their own areas of specialty and authority, in the end it is Vaughan who is captain of the ship. As a Philodox and pack leader, he has long years (for a Garou) of leadership experience and the kind of dominating presence necessary to lead a pack of wolves, or were-wolves.
Truthcatcher – when necessary, Vaughan oversees the Cracking of the Bone during moots, mediating disputes and judging crimes against the sept or the Litany.


Vaughan, like the other Fianna at the caern, counts among his ancestors the founders of the Sept of Abundant Grain. This latest generation of Fianna have not yet lived up to the deeds of their mighty forbears, however. They have held the caern thus far, but perhaps only because it was the least important of the Wyrm’s targets in Baltimore. It remains to be seen whether Vaughan’s pack of elders has the strength to keep even this minor caern of Humor.

Still, having lived at the sept for most of his life, its resonance rubs off on people, and Vaughan remains cheerful and almost too jokey for a proper caern elder. He holds tribe and sept traditions dearly, but clearly the time has come to go beyond tradition and seek aid wherever it might be found. In someone else this might come with resignation or even scorn, but not Vaughan. If the caern falls to the Wyrm, it will not be because of wounded Fianna pride. And it would be an insult to Gaia to reject the power and wisdom of Her laughter.

Although Vaughan has seen his sept through a gauntlet of challenges since Unbroken Synergy fell, and his pack was instrumental in reclaiming the lost sept of the Hidden Spring, the Fianna seem to have taken second-fiddle honors to the Shadow Lords (imagine that). Though secure in his position now after Amargein’s death, Vaughan remains an Athro, with the rest of his pack; perhaps the future will bring greater honor to our former sept elder.

Vaughan Evenhand

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