Zero "Abyss-Thief"

Homid Ragabash Glass Walker


Here’s a link to Zero’s Google Doc.


A.k.a. “Treebeard”!

Just a placeholder for Zero’s growing back-story. Spawn of a now-dead Cyber Dog and an as yet unknown Kinfolk parent, Zero was implanted with something … mysterious and cybernetic as an infant or child. He grew up in a socially stunted, sort-of homeschooling and sort-of advanced training suited to joining the Cyber Dogs someday. Of course, there is still that slight problem of them being totally disgraced, their leaders on the run and hunted by their own tribe.

Why did they experiment on lupus Garou, the rarest of the wolf shifters? How did this get out? Was it just a typical White Wolf lame explanation for “Cyber shit is passe, it’s all Matrix now”? Will we find a History Eraser Button and salvage this metaplot clusterfuck?

Time will tell.

Zero has been through London, New York City, Amsterdam, Prague…all over the place. His tendency to stick his nose in places it shouldn’t be, pissing people off in the process, has frequently worn out his welcome amongst the Garou of these cities. His latest move to Baltimore is just one such case — he’s been encouraged to go there and join the new pack that the locals are trying to assemble there.

Zero has learned not to get too close to anyone, however, though he may be looking for people to trust and a place to stay. His heritage within the tribe keeps him worrying, though.

He acquired a relatively cheap apartment in downtown Baltimore, prioritizing high security over cool views, and augments it with bars on the windows, sturdy locks, thick doors, probably on an upper floor…everything the discerning conspiracy nut would like.

Zero "Abyss-Thief"

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