Sept of Abundant Grain

The Sept of Abundant Grain, a Fianna-led sept, protects a relatively minor caern of Humor. Its totem spirit is an avatar of Grain, a Fianna ‘spirit of spirits’ (that is, booze), part of the spirit brood of their tribal totem, Stag. Although the sept used to be the last Gaian caern left in the area, it’s now the next-to-last.

Baltimore grew up near a wellspring of Gnosis originally guarded by the lost Croatan tribe, a powerful caern later adopted by Wyrmcomer tribes. Glass Walkers added another in the heart of the city, with a Rite of Caern Building atop a skyscraper. But these caerns were the first to be targeted by the forces of the ascendant Wyrm, while the Sept of Abundant Grain was left for last.

And so, this minor, leftover sept, dedicated to drink and revelry, ill suited to the battle for the fate of Baltimore, was the center of the Garou resistance. And also, where the Last Call pack was formed, around a variety of poorly bred castoffs and questionable cubs, even one of good enough breeding and training that one was left wondering what he had done to land himself in this meat grinder.

Fortunately for the Garou, our intrepid young pack survived, mostly, and prospered, taking the brunt of the Black Spiral siege and assault. While Last Call did not aid directly in the retaking of the lost Hidden Spring sept, their crippling attacks were instrumental in bringing the Spirals down. And, in the end, these cubs-no-longer have moved on, with new blood taking their place in the Brewery.

Caern: Baltimore Brewing Company
Level: 2
Gauntlet: 4
Type: Wisdom (Humor)
Tribal Structure: Open, but dominated by Fianna

Packs: 4
Gaia’s Smile (Vaughan Evenhand, Moira Leaps-into-Shadow, Líadan Wind Across the Hills, Tracker-by-Moonlight) pack totem: Stag
Grog Monsters (Fade to Black, Brenna Deathsong, Mikhail Argentclaw, Kim “Iron Eyes” Metzger)
Alpha Mike Foxtrot (Natalie “Fucking Magic” Davis, Christian “Killfile” Velasquez)
Fireball (Pothole, Stamper, Lil Loco, Scooterfangs)

Sept Roles

Grand Elder: Vaughan Evenhand
Warder: Tracker-by-Moonlight
Guardians: Natalie Davis, Christian Velasquez, Scooterfangs, Pothole, Brenna Deathsong (primarily the Glass Walkers)
Master of the Rite: Moira Leaps-into-Shadow
Gatekeeper: Moira Leaps-into-Shadow
Keeper of the Land: Líadan Wind Across the Hills
Master of the Challenge: Brenna Deathsong

Lesser Offices

Master of the Howl: Líadan Wind Across the Hills
Caller of the Wyld: Moira Leaps-into-Shadow
Truthcatcher: Vaughan Evenhand
Talesinger: Líadan Wind Across the Hills
Wyrm Foe: Brenna Deathsong

Sept of Abundant Grain

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