Sept of the Exiles' Rest


The Sept of the Exiles’ Rest is Willow’s old home, and a safe place for the Metis of the Garou Nation to be born and raised. A small caern of Calm, it is a rarity both for its particular type of meditative Wisdom and for its relative weakness and obscurity. The caern’s minor power to promote awareness, peace and understanding is of no use to the more martial tribes, but it’s just the sort of sacred place most valued by the Children of Gaia.

Most likely to be another historical holding of the extinct Croatan tribe, the small caern also benefits from its remoteness, an essential quality when raising babies that don’t just cry or scream, they howl like mad little wolfmen — and the play, and fight, just as rough.

It remains to be seen if the CoG sept’s ties to Willow will be a blessing or a curse. It may be that the attention of the forces of the Wyrm will be drawn to the tiny caern and its litter of metis whelps, if the Garou of Baltimore establish formal ties to Willow’s old sept.

The caern’s totem spirit is a triune being known as the New World Trinity, bird-spirits that exemplify the founders of the American Revolution and the homage (or inspiration) of the Children of Gaia for it. Dove, Eagle, and Turkey represent the American ideals of peaceful commerce, a fierce warrior spirit, and defiant individuality, respectively — ideals by which modern-day Americans (and Garou) may measure just how far the country has fallen from those ideals, or perhaps just fallen short.

Likewise for the Children themselves, the CoG may not administer their septs through the traditional offices of the Garou Nation. Instead, their tri-cameral leaders are known as the Voice, the Arm, and the Heart of the Goddess (or the Mother), the sept’s decision-maker, executor and judge. Often, but not always, the Voice will be female, the Arm male, and the Heart a metis or elder past the age of child-bearing. They may even extend this more human, democratic notion of leadership to CoG packs.

Malachi Taylor “Stonefist”
Metis Philodox Children of Gaia – sept Grand Elder
Melody Hartman"Sings-to-the-Dawn"
Homid Galliard Children of Gaia
Jericho Williams “Rides-the-Thunder”
Guardian Homid Ahroun Children of Gaia
Silas Baker “Stands-Like-A-Wall”
Guardian Homid Ahroun Children of Gaia
Autumn Stuart “Plays-With-Fire”
Homid Ragabash Children of Gaia
Jordan Monroe “Blood-On-the-Snow”
Homid Theurge Children of Gaia
Metis Ahroun Children of Gaia
Metis cubs: one, or more?

Sept of the Exiles' Rest

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