Technocracy for Dummies, by Vext


First of all, remember that your POV matters. You’re getting this primer from me, not Felony or Tony or somebody else, or even one of the Technos. Everyone’s going to know different things about these guys, remember things differently, and care about what they do more, or less. This happens when you’re dealing with cryptofascist conspiracy groups with the power to alter time, memory and history.

Your humble author’s POV is that of a cabal of relatively recent turncoats, as in (as you might have guessed) elite coding and hardware used to exclusively be Techno purview. They matter to me. They matter a lot.

Lexicon: Just so we’re all speaking the same language here.
History: Booo-ring flavor text.
Structure: Overall setup of the Union.
Conventions: Your individual Conventions/traditions/tribes/clans/whatever.

Technocracy for Dummies, by Vext

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