The Legendary Realm

The Legendary Realm is a place that never was, but should have been. In it, Garou of all tribes can find and explore their golden age, and relive past legends firsthand. Some tribes with little or no ties to their ancestors, however, such as the Glass Walkers, consider the realm to be an exercise in denial.

Although Silver Fangs are most familiar with the Legendary Realm and send their cubs into it on Rites of Passage, Garou of other tribes can also reach it. Their ability to do so is linked to their knowledge of their ancestors. And while a solitary Garou, or a pack all from a single tribe, will experience the Realm as befits that tribe, a composite pack of many tribes (such as Last Call) will experience something different, where the legends of different tribes overlap.

The only way to leave the Legendary Realm alive is to complete a sacred journey — to experience and fulfill a legend. The setting for such an epic quest is set when the Garou arrive, but the outcome is not set. Nearly all Garou who visit the realm will feel a closer bond to their ancestors while they remain. It’s rumored that time does not pass in the real world for Garou on a sacred journey, and that fetishes and equipment will shift form to better suit the historical setting of the realm — a pre-industrial, medieval place. One law of the realm that’s known for certain, though, is that death in the realm is real.


The Legendary Realm

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