The Perfect Metis

The existence of the Perfect Metis is said to be unique and regarded as quite a fearsome omen – as it was prophesied that its birth, a product of two metis, was a sign of the Apocalypse. Two metis, it’s prophesied, breaking the Litany, and yet producing an unblemished, apparently perfect child. How could this be?

The event was foretold in ancient tales such as the Death Song of the Croatan, the Vision of Eeyarlagh Twice-Born, and perhaps, other prophecies exist. All of these seem to be uniform in their uncertainty as to the nature of the Perfect Metis, whether it would be a savior for the forces of Gaia, or a doombringer, carrying the banner of the Wyrm.

At first glance, what our heroes have witnessed may not seem like a perfect match: Social Justice supposedly became pregnant by a fellow captive and Kinfolk, not another metis. And yet, those with an appropriately conspiratorial (or apocalyptic) mindset will find ways to interpret the differences and make them fit.


Two who should not be, in unblessed union join, bringing forth one perfect whole, fruitful in form but dark and ill-fated in spirit. Perfect shall the child be called. Damned shall be its mother and father. Doomed or saved shall be the world.
— from the Death Song of the Croatan

The Perfect Metis

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